Sunday, October 31, 2010

I think the Quebec Ministry of Education is on drugs

I just heard a commercial on the radio from the government's new ad campaign called Knowledge Matters.

boy: (whining) Daaaaad, I don't want to do my math homework
Dad: But son, you have to do your homework
boy: (still whining) But daaaaaaad, can you help?
Dad: Now son, don't you think math is important?
boy: I guess
Dad: Do you still want to be a pilot?
boy: Yes
Dad: And don't you think you need math to be a pilot?
boy: (with a whiny giggle) Ok, I'll do my homework...

Are they serious? Is that what they think is going on in homes across Quebec? I mean that scenario is plausible if after that conversation the dad leaves the room and the kid lights up a joint. In my house just getting a kid to admit that they have homework is worth a bottle of wine.

me: do you have any homework?
kid: I did everything at school
me: How is that possible? Don't you have anything to review?
kid: I reviewed everything for tomorrow yesterday during the sub and we have a sub tomorrow so I'll do the sheet that we were given last month even though it's stuff I did in grade 5 and it's not due until Nov. 12 which is a Saturday but the teacher doesn't realize it because they're pregnant/sick/dumb/old/new/off for the week/off for the month/insert own stupid excuse.
me: huh?
kid: Trust me, I'm fine
me: But it says here on First Class that you have 6 tests tomorrow
kid: oh ya, that...

Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get the kids to do their homework with simple reasoning....

me: Do you have any homework?
kid: Nope. Did it all at school.
me: But isn't there anything to review?
kid: Well, I do have some math
me: Don't you still want to be a Fantasy when you grow up? Don't you think you need to know how to read and write and do math for Fantasy Football?
kid: I guess
me: Off you go, love, and don't forget to make your daily wagers finding 'x'. That'll only help you in the long run.



Brandy said...

Hilarious!! yes that's what I want my son to be when he grows up.. a pro fantasy footballer. How many #$*ing pools can a 12 year old join? How many @#*ing pools can his 45 year old father join?

GoldenGirl11 said...

The sad thing is that I think my kids would do better in school if they could do fantasy high school. Wagering to pick up science has much more incentive then "get to class!"