Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Israel is the most amazing place on earth

As we drove from Ben Gurion Airport to Sdeh Boker in Be'er Sheva I was struck by the trees I saw growing in the desert. Greenery. In the desert. Just wow.

What also struck me was that Israel, a country with the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the world, has still not come around to idea of building a simple lip in a shower stall.

Shampoo, rinse, squeegee, repeat
My bathroom
A pillow to keep the cold, the cats and the goats out of my room
We spent three amazing days in Sdeh Boker overlooking the desert. Nothing will ever compare to havdalah in a cistern followed by a three hour moonlit hike in Ein Ovdat. I can't wait to go back.

Ein Ovdat.... just wow even without wifi


Kate said...

So I waited a week for pictures of a bathroom. *sigh*

GoldenGirl11 said...

I need time to compose my thoughts and put together something that will reflect my trip. That bathroom killed me.

You've inspired me. I'll post some pictures tonight.