Monday, January 24, 2011

A day at the Montreal Children's emergency

Yesterday Benji and I spent the better part of the day at The Montreal Children's Hospital emergency waiting for an x-ray on his injured foot. While we were worried about the results, we were also somewhat relieved. With a sprained foot from hockey, Benji's previous trip to the emergency might finally be forgotten.

You see the last time Benji visited the hospital emergency it was for a concussion sustained while (mandatory in-school) folk dancing. He banged his knee in mid cross step, fainted from the pain and smashed his head on the way down. The real trauma came, however, when we found out that it was Head Trauma Awareness Week and that some Montreal Canadiens might be in the ER during our stay. All I could picture was a someone coming by to say hi....

Chris Higgins: Hey, little boy, how'd ya hurt your head? skiing? tobogganing? I love tobogganing but it can be dangerous.... hockey? sky diving? bungee jumping? helloo?
Benji: uh, no, folk dancing (vomit)

So even though basketball and hockey seasons have been temporarily put on hold, it's one small sprained foot for Benji, one GIANT injury for Zack and Mikey who no longer have to hang their heads in shame.

I don't know why I find concussion-from-folk-dancing photos funny... You can't tell but Benji is laughing on the inside 
The actual Head Trauma Awareness Campaign had Chris Higgins as their spokesman
He was traded before the poster even came out which put an end to my kids modelling careers
X-RAY UPDATE: There is a fracture which will keep Benji out of basketball and hockey but not out of making his bed or cleaning the kitchen.


J.T. said...

Is it me, or does Higgins look uncomfortable about what to do with his hands? Nice-looking kids, though!

Anonymous said...

In Russia folk dancing must do, make us for better hockey player.