Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He'll be more independent in the long run right? RIGHT???

Eight words that when put into a sentence should be banned from the English language; Mommy, can you help me with my homework. Today Matthew came home from PreK with a project. Oy.

When Zack started school I was very enthusiastic and we spent lots of time together working on projects. He was artistic and I had tons of energy to paint with chocolate pudding or build Noah's arc out of homemade paper or papier mâché an emu just because it was fun.

14 years later I'm much less enthusiastic. I guess if sometime in the last 10 years Zack had once said something like I have math homework tonight. My friends are completely lost and confused but since you and I did so many projects together when I was little I totally have things under control! Those hours made a huge difference in my life! Thanks Mom! I'd probably be more inclined to keep up with the home schooling.

I was so enthusiastic in 2000 that this picture doesn't even need a caption.
We grew this tree from a tiny seed and watered it every day.
Hello little tree, we love you.
Here Zack and Mikey get ready to eat the veggies we grew in our garden.
This project took 3 months of tender loving care.
Yum yum yum! Let's have a salad party to celebrate our success!

How else could we explain the food chart?
Here Benji poses with protein.
Look how excited he was! Learning is fun!

Matt's bat project
Do bats hibernate? He said they do so I went with it.
I've decided that I'm saving up to enroll Matthew in the after school homework programs from now until university.

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