Friday, January 14, 2011

Time to wake up

Andrei Kostitsyn, part-time hockey player, part-time somebody's poster child


Danno said...

Man that's good stuff you put out GG11! Have you thought of spoofing the Guardian Project superheros? Could be loads of fun.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Thanks, Danno. Superheroes are very in but I think the NHL has that whole thing covered. I'll give it some thought though. Hey, scroll up for the latest Wiz pic. Turns out we messed up! The Tin Man needed a heart and the Scarecrow a brain. All fixed now.

Danno said...

Hearts, brains and courage are all essential ingredients for coaches and players. It's good you and the Wiz are fixing things for us.

Dennis and I shared some ideas about the Guardian Project..

Thanks a bunch!