Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hmmm, let's see... what should we get the four year old for Chanukah?

How about a remote control helicopter? That's a great idea... NOT. But try telling that to the father of the four year old who handed the gift over at 9:30 at night. Since then I have been asked the following questions (in no particular order):

Where are the batteries?
Can I put the batteries in?
Can YOU put the batteries in?
Can I fly the helicopter in the house?
Can I fly the helicopter in winter?
Is it summer yet?
How bout now?
What about now?
Does it snow in summer?
Why can't I fly the helicopter in the shower?
Why can't I take my helicopter to school?
Can I fly my helicopter TO school?
Do I have to go to school or can I stay home to fly my helicopter?
Why can't I sleep with my helicopter?
When can I fly my helicopter?

A helicopter. A flying, metal blade, remote control helicopter. Only four months until the snow melts so we can take it outside and risk decapitating a helpless bird or squirrel.

CO-PARENT UPDATE: Cleve just got home, handed Matthew a pre-dinner chocolate donut and asked me why can't he fly his helicopter in the house?
Helicopters can be so cuddly

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