Thursday, December 9, 2010

45 going on 12

Last night I attended my first city council meeting. It was held at the English Montreal School Board to discuss the potential opening of a new public high school. The council of about 50 elected officials sat behind glass and unbeknownst to us had to deal with the problem of french immersion vs. bilingual school programs before they could get to the topic of the new high school (we live in a fascist state). I consider myself to be a relatively bright person. I did not understand a single word that was said.

The first speaker used the word jurisprudence twice in his opening statement and then there was a vote to remove the fifth where as from the minutes, replacing it with the word some.

Needless to say I was with a group of bright, strong, astute women who wanted nothing more than to find out about the future of our community. We did what any good citizens would do in that situation..... we laughed for two hours straight until we voted to remove ourselves from the building replacing open mindedness with sticking with private school in the fall. Well done politicians.

I was greeted at the basement door at 10:15pm by Matthew in his clothes from the day, chocolate on his face and a big grin. The house was in shambles and - here's a new one - I found the top of a pineapple on the coffee table. When I asked why it was there I was told daddy let Matthew cut it up but don't worry I took the knife away from him. To be honest I was actually relieved that I didn't come home to a remote control helicopter stuck in the ceiling.... or someone's neck.

As long as he had fun... and no one lost an eye
Christmas spirit or message from god? Either way I think Rudolph wants my kids in private school

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