Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PreKindergarten Chanukah play the fourth time around

In 1998 at his nursery school graduation Zack slithered across the floor of his classroom to accept his diploma. Cleve nearly had a coronary. When your eldest slithers like a snake in front of a room full of strangers it means that he may not get into Harvard.

In 2000 Mikey never even made it to graduation. He dropped out of nursery in October. He made slithering look 'normal'.

In 2003 Benji belted out Look at me I'm a Chanukah Latka like it was nobody's business, Cleve beamed with pride, panicked at the idea of being able to afford Harvard but he still wasn't over the drop out or the slither.

This morning Matthew had his PreK Chanukah play. He had a bowl of chocolate syrup for breakfast, wore two different shoes and glued his shirt to his forehead. It was perfect.

Of course no hour is complete without some reminder that gluing one's shirt to their forehead really is child's play. As I was filming the latka dance, a message from the high school office appeared on my screen:

Skipping school? Zack? Maybe they had the wrong kid? Maybe he was helping clean up some litter in the hall way? Maybe they just didn't see him because he had slithered into class after recess? Couldn't let me just enjoy the damn latka dance, could he.

As it turns out Zack wasn't skipping school at all (yay! Zack). The complete message read:
The wake up alarm on his phone is going off in our safe!

The morning was beautiful, Matthew ate 14 cookies and 12 chocolate dredyls for lunch and I managed to send Cleve off to give a McGill lecture with a small momento of the occasion. 

He had no clue until some doctors asked why he had paint on his head. 

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