Thursday, September 30, 2010

They come all the way from outer space and they couldn't take him for a couple of days?

The real reason they came

First of all, Dr. Cleve Ziegler would like to emphasize that he is not a crazy person. In fact, he's an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Jewish General Hospital...... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

From vagina this, vagina that to I have to get to the mothership this and Xurg needs a human brain that. Never ends.

Aliens at the Shmall? Maybe they were meeting Goldie Schwartz for a coffee at Van Houtte.

Come for dinner. We'll invite Mork and Mindy.

ET call the Jewish... STAT

If the Aliens come for Succot I have extra chairs.

I see nothing about anal probes. Don't they always come equipped with anal probes?

They couldn't take him for a few days?... From your mouth to alien's ears

Mazel tov! It's gazillionuplets!

For deliveries in space he'll need an isotope-lined cement garbage can.

Aliens seek intelligent life at Cavendish Mall, find brother-in-law.... find brother-in-law?????

Aliens Claim Refugee Status: Given Medicare, Legal aid, French Lessons and Deliver at the Jewish
Investigation set for 2017, Children to Keep Dual Mars/Canada Citizenship

Stabbed AND saw a UFO. Cleve is so lucky.

Maybe they came to help earthlings extend Cavendish Blvd.?

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