Saturday, November 5, 2011

Parenting matters

A few weeks ago we were invited to our Rabbi's sukkah to celebrate the first night of Sukkot (Succot? Succoth?) with five other families. Halfway through dinner the little kids were excused to go run around inside the lobby of the apartment building. Suddenly one little girl came barreling back into the sukkah in tears and announced to the silenced room "Matthew just called me a piece of shit". 

Our first reaction was, of course, to pretend that we didn't know who she was talking about. Unfortunately for us, however, no other family had a 5 year old kid named Matthew with them. After absorbing the shock, we did what any mature adults would do. We laughed until we had to excuse ourselves from the table. 

Since that night I've been very strict about language in the house. I think it's working. 

me: Matthew, it's time for bed

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